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Squiz 5.4 Upgrade - Edit + improvements

Madeleine Allen -

The upgrade to Squiz 5.4 has been successful.

There are new functions that all publishers and approvers can now access. These include:

  • In browser image editing - This allows users to upload and edit images inside their browsers
  • Bulk uploading tool - This allows users to upload multiple files at once
  • Approvers List - The Approvers List button has been designed to allow web publishers to easily identify the approvers of assets in Squiz.This button is available at the top of each screen in Edit + and lists all approvers for the currently selected asset.


  • Readability checking tool - This tool enables you to monitor how easy it is for your audience to read and engage with your web copy. You can also monitor how successfully you have implemented your keywords and phrases into your messaging.


If you notice any issues with the new version, please submit a support ticket.


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