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News & Events - Adding a news widget and news item

Libbie Forden -

The Newsroom

For any news item to appear on its relevant landing page as well as the relevant audience page in the Newsroom, all pages must be tagged appropriately and saved under the corresponding page in the Newsroom. All news items MUST be created and saved under the page titled Newsroom.

Download the attached instructions to:

  • create a news widget for your content area,
  • create a news item and
  • attach a related image

Please note: For a news item to appear in any of the listings in the Newsroom you must:

  • select at least one of the available audiences in the metadata checklist for that news item eg. Landing - Community and Alumni or Landing - Research and Innovation.
  • select the Landing - Research and Innovation option if you have selected any of the research centres available in the metadata checklist of the news item.
  • all Schools should select their relevant Faculty option in the metadata checklist for their news item.
  • any other unit using an ad-hoc tag must also select a higher audience level of the newsroom  e.g. Community and Alumni, Current Staff.

If you do not follow any of the above steps than your news item will only be accessible via a direct link or from the news widget available in your content section of the website.


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