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Content - Creating tables

Libbie Forden -

Tables are a great way for you to display and organise data within your site and keep your pages looking clean and tidy. Please note the following when adding tables to your content:

•    Do not use tables for formatting content.

•    Tables should be used to display and organise data.

•    Tables need to contain a detailed description of the information they present. If you are inserting  a table, it needs to contain the relevant description for accessibility. This can be done in the Summary section when you add the table.

•    If uploading an image of a table then the “alt” attribute should contain the summary of the table’s contents. If there is no table caption then this should be as detailed as possible.

If you would like to format content into two columns please see instructions on creating a two column list or creating an index page.

Download the attached instructions to create a table or to change the style of your table.


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