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Approving content - information for approvers

Libbie Forden -

If you are responsible for approving content you will have access to the workflow dashboard where you can preview all your approval requests in one spot.

The Approver training checklist (attached below) includes a list of the common items you should check before approving content.

For help approving content using the WCMS or to register for approver training, please contact the Web Team

To approve content follow the below steps:

  1. Login to SQUIZ using your numberplate and password
  2. Preview the asset requiring approval - the asset will open in Preview mode
  3. Check the content (if the asset is one that has previously been live, you will be able to click Compare to Live to check the new content)
  4. Navigate to Edit mode
  5. Navigate to the Content screen
  6. Click the Accessibility Auditor (the wheelchair symbol) to check for errors/warnings. Note: you cannot approve if there are errors.
  7. Navigate to the Metadata screen to check the Subject and Description
  8. Navigate to the Workflow screen to either approve or reject changes and provide comments.
  9. Click the green Save button to activate your decision
  10. Click the person icon and Exit edit mode or logout

Once an asset has been approved, it is up to the publisher to then set the status to Live.


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