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Heading styles and sizes

Libbie Forden -

It is important publishers follow the correct heading style structure to uphold the University’s accessibility standards of a AA compliance rating. Correct heading styles are also very important for good search engine optimisation (SEO). Headings should be used in the following order:

  • h1 (page name - automatically generated when a page is created)
  • h2 (should always be the first sub-heading on a page)
  • h3 (follows a h2 - if you do not have a h2 already on your page, do not use a h3)
  • h4 (follows a h3)
  • h5 (follows a h4)
  • h6 (follows a h6)

Headings should always be used logically to break content into sections and sub-sections.

Download the attached instructions for adding the correct heading styles.

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