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Content - Copying and pasting content into Squiz

Libbie Forden -

Copying content from Microsoft Word

  • If you are copying content from Microsoft Word, ensure that you format the document using the correct Heading tags.
  • All images within a Word doc that are being copied over into a content page in Squiz must be saved in Squiz as an asset in order for them to display in the web content.
  • If you are linking to PDFs or Word documents ensure that they are formatted according to University brand guidelines.
  • Use the copy and paste shortcuts Ctrl C and Ctrl V when copying content from Word. Right click copy and paste will not work in Squiz.

Copying content from other web pages or pdf documents

If you are copying content into Squiz from a PDF document or a web page, you may experience issues with html formatting. To avoid this issue, copy content into a simple text editor such as Notepad to clear any formatting. You can then copy to and reformat the content in Squiz.

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