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More Information - Title attribute

Rebecca Giles -

The Title attribute informs the user of a link or image function.


Title Attribute - Hyperlinks

  • When hyperlinking to a new page within your content, regardless of whether it is internal or external, leave the title attribute blank.
  • When hyperlinking to a document such as a PDF or Word doc, you must fill in the title with Opens new window. This is important for both usability and accessibility.
  • Title attributes should be used sparingly.

Title Attribute – Images

  • If your image is not captioned you can use the Title attribute to display a brief description of the image. This should not be used instead of a caption but rather as a brief notification such as a person’s name.
  • If you have an image that contains a function (eg. it links to content) then it is a good idea to use the title attribute to display what that function is. If your image is linked to a new site for example, the title attribute can be used to inform the user of the site they will be directed to. Use the page name you are linking to as the title.

When the title attribute is used, a yellow pop-up box will appear when the mouse arrow hovers over the link or image that it has been set for.

The title attribute is not the same as the Title field in the Details screen.


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