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Template - Campaign Event

Libbie Forden -

The Campaign Event template is used to showcase significant University events targeting a large external audience/s. The template caters to content requiring a visually engaging layout.

 Campaign Event template example

What are the key features of this template?

Template featuresDescription

Nil - navigation to related content is achieved via hyperlinks throughout content as well as use of call-to-actions and widgets.

Page name

H1 page name.

Background image

Customised background image.

Body copy

A two-column content space that should include text, video, imagery etc.


Column containing standard calls to action, social and feature widgets.

Who can use this template?

To use the Campaign Event template you must complete the Web Content Brief for review by the Web Team.

You will also need to meet the following criteria:

  • a publisher with intermediate publishing skills or higher to assist with creation and maintenance of content
  • large/multiple external audiences can attend
  • ideally have other events associated with the main campaign event
  • multiple pieces of visual content
  • a plan to promote your event - ie social media posts, other web content, print advertising etc
  • a plan to integrate your content with other UON web content - ie what other locations on the website will you use to refer users to your campaign? What will you do with the content once the event is over?
  • 4 weeks notice prior to promotion of the event is ideal in order to review and build content

What are the content requirements for using this template?

The following content requirements must be met in order to use this template.

  • unique background and content banner image
  • multiple images ie gallery and or videos
  • key call to action highlighted via black buttons in content
  • call to action widget in sidebar
  • multiple feature/social widgets
  • vanity url or unique domain name
  • accessibility checks - ensure logical headings, alt text etc are appropriate

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