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Top 10 Content Tips

Rebecca Giles -

Follow these basic rules for formatting pages to ensure consistency across the website.

1. Page names should be sentence case – no random capital eg. Support and services. 

2. Date format – DD Month YYYY. 

3. Bulleted list format – first letter is always lower case and no colon or full stop at the end (unless it is a full sentence). 

4. Phone number format – (externally facing pages) +61 2 4921 0000; (internally facing pages) 4921 0000. 

5. PDF assets should be set to open in a new window. All links to external sites should remain in the same window. 

6. PDF hyperlinks should include the file size eg. compliance register (PDF, 445KB). 

7.contact footer should be used for all contact details (not in the content area). 

8. Headings on the page should be in a logical order – eg. a H3 tag should be used as a subheading of the H2 tag above.

9. All tables should have a heading. Each row and column should also have a descriptive header, this is important for accessibility. Tables should be used to display data and not as a formatting tool.

10. Avoid using ‘click here’ in hyperlinks. Instead, consider “Visit our Current students area for more information” with a link to Current students.

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