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Web Approver Training

Rebecca Giles -

The role of an Approver is to approve or reject web content in line with our Content & SEO Strategy. This includes written content, page structure, accessibility, metadata and other content including images, attachments and links.

Approvers need to complete a one-hour training session before being granted access to approve assets in Squiz. The training program includes information on the role and expectations of approvers as well as how to check and approve content using Squiz. 

Approvers either self-nominate or are nominated by their manager. Approvers need to be a HEW8 or above (there are some HEW7 exceptions).

Approver training is scheduled based on demand and approver availability.

To organise an approver training session, you will need to complete the Approver Training Request Form.

 Once your request has been assessed by a member of the Web Team, we will be in contact to organise a convenient date and time for training.




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