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What content templates are available to use?

Rebecca Giles -

Campaign Event Template 

The Campaign Event template is used to showcase significant University events targeting a large external audience/s. The template caters to content requiring a visually engaging layout.

Conference Template 

The University is host to a number of conferences and forums covering a broad range of topics. Conferences in general require a significant amount of information to be communicated to your audience including dates and times, locations, programs, speakers and more.

Standard Event

The standard event template can be used to highlight and share your events across the University website.

Standard News 

The standard news template can be used to highlight and share your news across the University website.


Developing New Content? 

Need some new content on the UON website? The Web Team is happy to assist to ensure your content performs well and your audience benefits from the best possible user experience.

Please complete the web content brief if you require assistance developing new content. A member of the Web Team will be in touch to discuss your options as soon as possible.


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