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Web Principle #2: Audience focused structure and content

Rebecca Giles -

Know your audience

Where you publish on the website now tells you who you publish for; current staff, current students, future students, research leaders, industry, community and alumni etc. Within each area there are further clues in the navigation path that can help you further fine tune what you say and how you say it.

Audience 2


Write for your audience

A stunning message is less effective if written for the wrong audience. Knowing who you are writing for is vital to getting the message right – if your content is for staff, write for staff. If it’s for our alumni, a researcher or a student, write for them. If you have more than one audience, help them find what they are after by creating links between different audience sections.

Understanding your audience also helps you decide whether you should publish a PDF or a video, a long or short page, detailed or a summary.

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