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Squiz 5.3 upgrade: Easy Edit + improvements

Libbie Forden -

The upgrade to Squiz 5.3 has been successful. While there are no significant changes to Easy Edit Plus there are some improvements that may affect your publishing and approving experience. 

These include:

  • An update to the Squiz Easy Edit interface. Toolbars in both Edit and Preview modes have been updated to a lighter and flatter design. 
  • Some icons have been updated, specifically the Accessibility auditor icon and the class icon. 
  • There are two new functions that all publishers and approvers can now access. These are as follows:
    • Screen size preview mode - this allows you to see how your content will display on a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop. 
    • WYSIWYG comments - you can now add comments in the edit screen directly in-line with content you have updated. 

If you notice any issues with the new version, please submit a support ticket.

For more information on the above improvements, please download the attached upgrade document.

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