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Web Support - Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Kerry Regan -

What is a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

A Service level Agreement is a contract that defines the level of service that is provided from a company/department to its users for:

- ensuring quality customer service,
- responsiveness for resolving user issues, enquiries within a specific timeframe
- allowance for prioritisation of requests.

The SLA is a tool that enables adequate Web support.

Supported Systems

The SLA supports the following systems:

- Squiz Matrix WCMS
- Google Search Appliance (GSA)

* Please note: Content that is displayed on the website can be sourced via multiple systems / web services. These services are not owned by the Web Team. E.g. PCMS, Job Vacancies, Alesco, Scholarships etc. Any tickets relating to incorrect content / data or pages that are not generating will rely on the Web Team to coordinate with the system owners to resolve.

Service Hours

The UON Web Team (Marketing and Communications) will provide web support from 9:00am – 4:00pm Monday to Friday (excluding University concession days and days when the University is closed).

Any requests for support that are received outside of the above hours will be addressed during the next period of web support (excluding urgent requests).

Contact Points

Web support will be provided through the UON Web Support Portal (web.newcastle.edu.au). All requests for support should be requested through the Submit a Support Request form.

Web support can also be requested by sending an email to web@newcastle.edu.au, although, requests sent through this medium may experience slower response times.

Triage Process

When a request for web support is received, the Web Team will assign a priority and will be forwarded to a relevant team member for further action.

Request Priority

When a request for web support is received, the Web Team will review and assign a priority. A listing of each priority and its meaning are below:


Priority Level

Initial Response Time




10 Business Days

Web publishing assistance such as General enquiries and How To etc

- How do I create an accordion?
- Could you please help to create a sidebar widget?

Additional information can be found on the General Knowledge base.


5-10 Business Days

Issues that have a minimal effect on UON's website and reputation.

- I can’t access the content screen in Edit+.
- Content not appearing correctly
- Clearing cache of an asset
- Amend broken links
- The twitter widget has disappeared from page X.
- Creation of Vanity URL's

Additional information can be found on the General Knowledge base.


1-2 Business Days

Errors or issue that impact UON's website and reputation.

- The course handbook is blank.
- Incorrect dates or times are feeding through to an event page.


1-4 Hour(s)

Widespread errors affecting UON's website and is detrimental to UON’s reputation.

- The UON website is not accessible.
- Misleading content is presented on the website that could lead to legal action or negatively affect a significant number of people.
- Critical emergency messaging.

Additional Notes:

Where can I get more information?


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