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Introduction to UON web publishing

Libbie Forden -

About the UON web content community

The UON web publishing community is large and diverse. There are more than 400 publishers across the University responsible for creating and maintaining a variety of content on our website.

Publishers work in many different roles; for some, publishing is a significant part of their day-to-day activities, while others may only need to publish every now and then.

The Web Team works with all publishers to ensure you receive the right support and guidance when creating and maintaining your web content.

How to become a publisher

To become a web publisher you must complete the Beginner Training before being given access to the Squiz WCMS. The following steps outline what you need to do to become a UON web publisher:

  1. Read the web publishing policy and procedures.
  2. Read about your web publishing responsibilities and the principles of the UON website
  3. Register to attend a session - a member of the Web Team will confirm your place in the session as spots are limited.
  4. Check out some of the how-to resources on the Support Portal
  5. Once you have completed training you will be given access to the Squiz WCMS within seven days.
  6. Read the web support service level agreement (SLA) - our SLA outlines our processes for triaging support tickets from stakeholders across the university

 A few things to note:

  • The Web Team does not run ad-hoc training sessions for publishers. If you require access you must attend one of the beginner sessions held throughout the year.
  • You must attend Beginner Training before you attend Intermediate training.
  • Please do not attend a training session unless you have received confirmation from the Web Team to do so.
  • Web publishers are not permitted to approve their own content. If you are a web publisher you cannot also be a web approver.
  • Students are not authorised to publish content to Squiz unless they have been formally employed as a UON staff member.



Useful resources:

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Web Publisher Training Schedule 2017

Becoming an approver

Web Publishing responsibilities

Website principles



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